About Us

Englewood Facilities Management offers a wide range of services based solely on our client's needs. Spanning from full management of your facility to maintenance work or emergency response, Englewood is just a phone call away.

We pride ourselves on our national strength and local focus. With a guaranteed immediate response, and maximum 2 hour onsite arrival you can be assured if an issue arises it will be resolved the right way and in a timely manner.

Englewood employs a 24/7 Call Center for emergency and unplanned issues that may arise at your facility. With our services also comes access to our one of a kind online maintenance and management portal. This site allows the dispatch and scheduling of subcontractors and inspections, processing of scheduled maintenance and the tracking of work orders, costs and budgets. This comprehensive tool gives your team the ability to review real time information and data concerning response, costs, schedules, and effectiveness of repairs. Permission levels are set to give your team access to multiple locations and can be narrowed down to give a specific location's team access to their respective location or responsibilities. Work Orders are tracked from the moment they are opened through completion and resolution of the issue. Planned, scheduled, and preventative maintenance are tracked and set to reoccur on any time table necessary based on the needs of the facility.

Englewood Facilities Management employs local subcontractors nationally to perform all work. Every service subcontractor hired by Englewood undergoes a rigorous qualification process where their performance, quality, and financials are scrutinized to ensure the highest level of service.

You can take comfort knowing that your facility's systems are running and scheduled for maintenance and inspections with zero effort or commitment of your company resources.